The kids will can catch sunfish, perch, etc... right from tone of our docks and for the adults there are the game fish.

Check these out:

Ontario Record 22.25 lbs. (10.09 kg) The most sought-after species in the province. Why? Because they're fun to catch and great to eat! From the pristine wilderness waters of northern Ontario to reservoirs in the south or even the Great Lakes - good walleye fishing is just around the corner. In a typical year, more than 8 million walleye are caught in Ontario. The average size of our walleye is a couple of pounds (1 kg) but 4 - 5 pounders (1.8 - 2.2 kg) are available almost anywhere you wet a line. Some water bodies consistently yield trophies over 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and a few lakes even produce the occasional monster! Arguably the tastiest freshwater fish in North America; fresh golden walleye fillets go hand-in-hand with an Ontario fishing experience.

Northern Pike
Ontario Record 42.12 lbs. (19.10 kg) These toothy critters roam many Ontario lakes. Always in the mood for a fight, Ontario's norther's average 3-6 pounds (1.3 -2.7 kg) but fish topping 15 pounds (6.8 kg) are common in both the northern and southern parts of the province. Although considered by many as an added bonus when bass or walleye fishing, an increasing number of anglers fish Ontario waters strictly for a fabulous pike fishing adventure!

Smallmouth Bass
Ontario Record 9.84 lbs. (4.46 kg) Some of the finest smallmouth fishing in the world takes place right here in Ontario. Often encountered in schools, Ontario's bronzebacks are found throughout most of the province. Many Ontario lakes offer the ultimate trophy smallmouth fishing - where fish over 4 pounds (1.8 kg) are common. Others provide anglers with quantities of 2 and 3 pound (0.9 - 1.3 kg) fish. Whatever your choice, Ontario's smallies are still pound for pound and inch for inch, the fightingest fish that swims in fresh water.

Largemouth Bass
Ontario Record 10.43 lbs. (4.73 kg) Largemouth are found throughout southern Ontario and even in parts further north. Canadian largemouth may not grow to world-record size, yet the sheer number of 2-6 pounders (0.9 - 2.7 kg) in many water bodies more than makes up for it. Often overlooked by local anglers, there are many parts of the province where big bucketmouths rarely see a lure. When they see yours - be prepared for a bone-jarring strike!

Ontario Record 65 lbs. (29.48 kg) Ontario's muskie fishing is so phenomenal, that it is not a question of whether Ontario will produce the next world record, but exactly when and where in the province it will happen. World-class fish are caught every year from several water bodies. In other areas not known for producing record-breaking fish, seasoned muskie anglers just laugh when they hear their favorite gamefish referred to "as the fish of a thousand casts". Careful management utilizing high minimum size limits, very low possession limits and a strong catch and release ethic among anglers, will help Ontario remain as the world's premier muskie destination.

Yellow Perch
Ontario Record 2.42 lbs. (1.10 kg) This tasty panfish is everywhere. Whether you like to relax in a boat fishing with the family on a hot sunny day, or gaze through a hole in the ice waiting for another big one, Ontario's perch fishing is second to none. Yellow perch average 6-8 inches (15.2 - 20.3 cm) in many of the smaller water bodies; in larger lakes jumbos in the 11-13 inch (27.9 - 33 cm)range are plentiful.

Black Crappie
Ontario Record 3.78 lbs. (1.71 kg) Once found only in certain limited waterbodies in southern and northwestern Ontario, the black crappie's range is now spreading faster than any other fish species in the province. A fast growing, delicious panfish, the number of one pound (.45 kg) slabs that swim our waters is simply mind-boggling!